Platelet Rich Plasma in the UK and Ireland

Biotherapy Services. Platelet Rich Plasma Technology

The advancing science of using a patient’s own platelets to speed healing, growth, repair and recovery is one of the most promising developments in modern medicine.

Biotherapy Services, composed of clinicians, technicians and healthcare managers, was created to bring the most effective platelet-enriching technology to medical practices in the UK and Eire.

Our Angel™ system, approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration, uses sequential centrifuging combined with automated sensing to produce precise plasma/platelet ratios, specific to the treatment required.

We offer training, technology and on-site services to public and private health facilities throughout Britain and Ireland. We can also introduce you to funding sources for those buying or leasing Angel™ PRP equipment and for patients requiring treatment.

This website provides an overview of platelet rich plasma technology for both the public and professional audience, and will be developed as the body of research and in-practice experience expands.