Cellular Therapies

Regenerative medicine is the most dynamic forefront in medicine today, with a growing number of applications for cellular and molecular therapies.’ Bio-regenerative technologies are gaining significant clinical and commercial momentum, moving rapidly from scientific interest to mainstream clinical application and offering the potential to harness the body’s own healing properties.

Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies (aPRPT) and autologous fat cellular therapies are leading these bio- regeneration trends and they are directly linked. Platelets are recognised as the regenerative powerhouse of cell activity and the stem cells are the regenerative building blocks that are steered by the cell signalling cytokines and chemokines, contained in the platelets. Platelets also further aid the tissue bio-regeneration process by releasing a wide range of tissue growth factors that interact in an exquisite ‘ballet’ of inter-related activities to speed up wound healing and regenerate tissue.

The challenge to the introduction of these innovative cellular therapies is ensuring patient access to the technologies and providing the necessary expertise to assist the clinicians in their adoption and effective use of these biodynamic therapies.

Biotherapy Services

Recognising the potential of bio-regenerative therapies and technologies, the management team developed proprietary expertise and a unique operational service model to provide a range of therapeutic bio-regenerative services, targeting the wound care and aesthetic markets. This Biotherapy Services© BioTechnican Model©, is provided on a pay-per-case basis, directly supporting the specialist clinician, at point-of-care, and has been shown to accelerate technology adoption by optimising the effective delivery of the clinical condition-specific biotherapies, reducing risk and the investment requirements for specialist clinician users.

Biotherapy Services© was developed as a specialist operational model providing a range of biodynamic therapies to the clinicians and their patients as well as providing the services in specialist diabetic and complex wound care clinics.

Biotherapy Services Ltd., began as a small company focused on the introduction of innovative technologies in autologous cellular therapies, specifically focused on complex wound care and tissue regeneration in aesthetics and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

We acknowledged that in these dynamic and expanding markets, having the best technologies was not enough. The clinical adoption of these technologies and their e effective utilisation were based on 3 specific factors:

  • UK based clinical studies to substantiate their safety and efficacy;
  • A mechanism that provided the necessary expertise for a complex service to be delivered at point-of-care;
  • Making it easy for the specialist clinician to introduce these biodynamic therapies into their clinical practice.

First, we set about establishing the clinical efficacy and were the best company to conduct clinical trials in the use of autologous PRP in aesthetics for skin rejuvenation; Nassab R., Matti B. et al (2012) BAAPS study into the use of PRP for skin rejuvenation.

Thereafter the Company funded and completed key clinical studies in wound care and these studies investigated the benefits of [different] platelet concentrations on wound healing. Two research projects were initiated:
MoD Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Birmingham Universities Foundation Trust treating young patients who had sustained life-changing trauma and had complex slow healing wounds. Wound healing was significantly shortened with the use of the proprietary PRP therapies, with a key case study achieving 79% wound closure in 13 days.

The RAPID Diabetic Foot Pilot Study conducted at Barts Health Foundation Trust – The Royal London Hospital, was completed September 2014, treating patients with severe diabetic wounds and at high risk of limb amputation. The results of the proprietary treatment resulted in preventing 26 out of 28 amputations.

Angel PRP Wound Healing

Biotherapy Services© `Integrated service

Our unique selling proposition is that Biotherapy Services© provides an integrated service to support the use of the proprietary autologous PRP and autologous fat, bio-active technologies in the Wound Care and the Aesthetic markets.

We provide clinicians with the expertise and the technical expertise to assist them in the effective use of these clinically proven technologies.

Biotherapy Services© is creating a profitable niche with its ability to translate biotechnologies into safe and effective clinical use, and is focused on two significant and inter-related areas: Wound Care & Aesthetics. The common denominator is tissue regeneration.

Our core focus is on bio-regenerative technologies and their clinical applications, specifically in tissue regeneration and complex wound care. Using exclusively licensed technologies, Biotherapy Services© provides an integrated service to support the use of the proprietary technologies in the specialist Wound Care and the Aesthetic markets. We provide clinicians with the operational expertise to assist them in the effective use of clinically proven and licenced technologies to optimise clinical outcomes.

We are rapidly expanding as a direct result of the unique operational delivery model we have chosen to set establish the BioTechnician© Partner Program using this unique business model.

Through rigorous adherence to the founding principles, practices, and procedures as implemented by our Licensees, Biotherapy Services© will become the market leader in specialist autologous biodynamic therapies.

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The Biotherapy Services© Management Team

The founders of Biotherapy Services© are passionate about the role of regenerative biotherapies and their expanding applications in a wide range of clinical conditions. They have sought out the leading FDA and CE marked technologies and coupled this with a unique service model that bridges the gap between patient access to innovative therapies and the clinical utilisation of these technologies.

Their focus is on the large specialised Wound Care Market and the expanding the applications for the Aesthetic Market.

The team is comprised of individuals with expertise and experience in the field of healthcare, including regenerative biotherapies, with specific expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Clinical
  • Scientific
  • Operational implementation of healthcare services
  • Corporate and Strategic Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions

Support Resources and Contact Information

Biotherapy Services© has developed an innovative service model that bridges the gap between the safe and effective use of clinically proven, biologically active, autologous biotherapies, which improves wound-healing times and patient outcomes.

The Licensees and the Specialist Clinicians who use our products and services are advised by pre-eminent clinicians and scientists who provide the clinical support and proctorship for the use of the technologies and the provision of the specialist treatments, for a range of clinical applications. Our Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Advisory Board members provide specialist expertise and peer-to-peer support. (MDCAB).

Contact us for assistance in product ordering, training sessions, equipment maintenance or replacement, and all other miscellaneous items and topics concerning the operations of your Biotherapy Services© BioTherapy Technician© Partner Program.