Promoting Hair Growth Using PRP

Concentrated PRP in hair transplantation and hair loss

  • The potential for using cPRP to promote healing and hair growth after hair transplantation is centred in three functional applications:
  • To preserve and enhance hair follicle viability during and after hair transplantation;
  • To promote and enhance tissue repair and healing after hair transplantation; and,
  • To reinvigorate dormant hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.

Why use Concentrated PRP in hair transplant procedures?

  • Concentrated cPRP is a new and exciting addition in the evolving field of hair restoration.
  • cPRP is used to accelerate healing, releasing concentrated growth factors, that stimulate the natural healing process at the site of each transplanted hair follicle.
  • Every platelet is a biochemical powerhouse of regulatory, signalling and growth-factor molecules that participate in the regeneration and healing of tissue

Use of PRP

PRP natural and poses no danger of allergic, hypersensitivity or foreign-body reactions. It is derived from your own blood and is rich in Growth factors to accelerate healing and cell development

What is involved in the treatments for Hair growth

1-2-3 easy steps treatment

  1. Blood is taken from your arm and then put into the Angel™ or ACP centrifuge machine.
  2. The spinning separates the blood into the fractions needed for treatments which include the enriched parts of the blood responsible for accelerating new growth.
  3. The scalp area to be treated is anaesthetised using local anesthetic

This specially created concentrated blood is injected into the area to be treated with special needles. The PRP is delivered to a controlled depth to help the regeneration of new hair follicles.