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Biotherapy Services is a specialist pharmaceutical biotechnology company which has developed, patented and trademarked a proprietary, autologous biotherapeutic wound care treatment; the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel Wound Care Treatment (“RAPID™ ”) for complex and chronic wounds.

The RAPID™ treatment involves processing a small amount of the patients own [autologous] blood to concentrate the specialist cells and growth factors to enhance the speed of wound healing, improving patient recovery time and yielding significant savings to over-stretched healthcare resources.

Results of pilot trials using  RAPID™  biotherapies have demonstrated significant visible results in days not weeks thereby reducing the risk of proceeding to major amputations and shortening hospital admission.

The UK medicines regulatory agency, MHRA has classified RAPID™ as a novel, autologous blood medicinal product, and has granted Biotherapy Services two licences for its GMP manufacture:

Firstly, for use of RAPID™ in UK NHS clinical studies – the Manufacturer Authorisation for Investigational Medicinal Products Licence (“MIA/(IMP)”); and significantly, Biotherapy Services has been granted a Specials Licence so that treatment with RAPID™ can be provided to patients in need, under the Early Access Medicines Scheme  (“EAMS”).



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