Specific PRP Products & Systems

The advancing science of using a patient’s own platelets to speed healing, growth, repair and recovery is one of the most promising developments in modern medicine.

Biotherapy Services, composed of clinicians, technicians and healthcare managers, was created to bring the most effective platelet-enriching technology to medical practices in the UK and Eire.

Our Angel™ and ACP systems, approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration, uses sequential centrifuging combined with automated sensing to produce precise plasma/platelet ratios, specific to the treatment required.

We offer training, technology and on-site services to public and private health facilities throughout Great Britain and Ireland.


The ACP System

Arthrex Personalised cell therapy is a PRP procedure (PRP = Platelet Rich Plasma) that harnesses the body’s own healing and regeneration processes. treatment with PRP is a biological method, the effectiveness of which has been proved in various studies. there is growing interest in using it in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery – for example, treating wrinkles and alopecia, but also for reconstructions and skin grafts.

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The Angel™ System

No matter which condition needs to be treated with PRP, with the Arthrex Angel™ System it is possible to tailor the PRP composition to the patient in question. The Arthrex Angel™ System gives the user control over the platelet, neutrophil and erythrocyte (RBC) levels in the PRP, thereby making it possible to match them to the indication and needs of the patient. So no more compromises have to be made in PRP therapy and the patients get the best solution possible – with just one system!

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